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That’s right! ESMIL has a brand new MDQ 354CL complex coming to Akron, Ohio this November. This new MDQ-354CL is ESMIL’s largest mobile unit capable of processing up to 2400 lbs/hr of dewatered solids and will be built into a customized covered trailer for ease of transportation and operation. The new complex is intended as a proof of capability for large scale piloting, rental, and leasing. The new large scale MDQ-354 would not just allow a customer to collect operational data and observe the unit at their facility, but could allow most of ESMIL’s customers to stop operating their current dewatering equipment and experience what it is like to have a full size MDQ performing all of the solids separation at their facility for an extended period. Try out the MDQ-354CL at your facility and experience the difference!

MDQ 345 CL

MDQ 354C Mobile Unit Concept Drawing

MDQ 354C Mobile Unit Concept Drawing

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