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Project Overview

On November 27-29, 2017 EKOTON USA conducted a Pilot Test at the City of Webster Texas Wastewater Treatment Facility. The test was conducted on aerobically digested activated sludge . The City was interested in reducing costs of their existing residuals drying process and selected EKOTON USA to conduct a Pilot at their Facility.

The Facility generates approximately 120 gpm of aerobically digested sludge from their existing digester with a dried solids content of the incoming sludge of approximately 1.3% – 1.5%. The Pilot was conducted with our MDQ 201 Pilot Unit. We were able to achieve 18% solids concentration using a cationic polymer.

Based upon those initial results, EKOTON USA recommended the installation of our MDQ-354C (4 screw) press which would realize 9-10 hours of daily operation,  17.6lb/dt of the cationic polymer and power usage of 72 kW/ day.

More about MDQ installation results >>

The City was also interested in our patented Rake Bar Screen RKE which includes the following features:

  • Drop shaped bars
  • Fine screen bar spacing 0.24 inches
  • No rotating elements in submerged part
  • Heavy Duty chains with plastic rolls
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 Design
  • Mechanical and Electrical protection for overloads
  • Operation automation based on in-channel water level or time
  • Compact Design

We are pleased and proud to announce that both Units are installed and have one calendar year of successful operation to date! We use the City of Webster, Texas installation as a showcase for our Western Rep companies and look forward to continuing Market leverage based upon this successful Installation!

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