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Tipping bucket is a sediment-flushing system designed to remove settled debris from storm water tank floors. These automatic flushing systems remove the need for the manual or mechanical cleaning of storm water holding tanks, thereby removing problems with odors and with the future performance of the storage system.

Operation of Tipping Buckets

Tipping buckets have a special design that ensures the automatic release of the flushing wave. The bucket is supported on two bearings from both sides. During the filling process the load center of the bucket shifts. When the bucket is filled, it automatically tips and stored water runs down. Flushing wave with high velocity and great turbulence removes sediments on the tank floor and transports them to the point of disposal. The empty tipping bucket automatically returns to a horizontal position and is ready for the next operation. Flushing water is fed into the tipping bucket either from the final effluent or from a potable water supply, either manually or fully automatically by using a tipping bucket control cabinet.

Advantages and benefits of ESMIL Tipping Buckets

  • stainless steel construction (AISI 304, 316);
  • easy to install;
  • low maintenance;
  • bespoke sizing;
  • low-noise tipping;
  • effective and reliable cleaning;
  • tank lane widths up to 54 ft;
  • multiple buckets for larger tanks;
  • can be installed for use with new underground tanks or retrofitted with existing concrete tanks.

Applications of Tipping Buckets

Tipping buckets are designed to meet specific site conditions. They can be installed in any size of rectangular storage tanks and mounted in several configurations: between the tank walls, on the ceiling, on the end wall. For wide tanks, several tipping buckets could be arranged in parallel or in series for extremely long tanks.

Product Booklet – ESMIL Tipping Buckets

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