Esmil | Blog | News | New larger model of a Multi-Disc Screw Press dehydrator to the U.S. market

ESMIL Group is happy to present a new larger model of a multi-disc screw press dehydrator to the U.S. market!

MDQ-450 C model with the nominal diameter of the dewatering drum of 18 in is a recent addition to the MDQ model range. The dehydrator is available with up to six dewatering drums. Its maximum throughput reaches 8,400 lb DS/h and 780 gpm.

Creation of the new model has required a considerable engineering effort since with the increase in size, it becomes much more difficult to withstand the strict requirements for production accuracy. Esmil dehydrators are distinguished by the perfect flatness of the drum discs and the ideal geometry of the reinforced screw flights – when creating a new model, these advantages have been carefully preserved.

What is exciting is that now you can test the performance of the largest MDQ model by performing pilot tests or renting a mobile sludge dewatering plant with MDQ-451 C model located on a 30 ft bed length trailer.

ESMIL mobile sludge dewatering plant is a ready to use mobile solution for sludge dewatering where all process equipment is arranged on one trailer. The trailer comes complete with all piping, wiring, and lighting resulting in an efficient, compact, low maintenance system ready to plug & play.

In addition to MDQ-451 C dehydrator, this ESMIL mobile sludge dewatering plant is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Progressive cavity sludge feed pump and submersible sludge feed pump,
  • Macerator,
  • Polymer solution preparation unit together with a polymer solution dosing pump,
  • Electromagnetic sludge and polymer flowmeters,
  • Belt conveyor,
  • Autonomous PLC-based control system equipped with a HMI touch panel.

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