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On February 24th the whole world woke up shocked by a brutal full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. For more than a week now, the hearts of the entire world have been with the Ukrainian people, who are fighting for a peaceful sky over their cities and the future of their children.

Esmil Corp. is a company of Ukrainian origin. Now we are actively providing support to more than 100 employees of our Ukrainian office in Kharkiv, who are forced to seek shelter in the basements and the subway.

The headquarters in Poland decided to use the company’s profits to help its employers in Ukraine and their families affected by the war. We have already helped some women with children to go to Poland. They came, settled, and some even started work for our company or with volunteer organizations to support other refugees.

We are in Esmil Corp. now working hard to support as many of our colleagues and their families as possible. Thanks to the early warnings of the possibility of war coming from the US Government in recent months, we have created a financial reserve that allows us to implement ongoing projects as well as send money to those who need them. We believe that in the end, the truth will prevail.

Slava Ukraini!

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