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In July of 2022 a sludge dewatering system was installed in Mont Belvieu, Texas, at the Cotton Bayou Wastewater Treatment Plant. This system is designed to operate for 16 hours a day and is equipped with remote operation features! One multi-disk screw press dehydrator MDQ-354 CL, with two shaftless screw conveyors are installed.

The installed MDQ-354 CL works to dewater Municipal Waste Activated Sludge (WAS). During start-up the MDQ ran at a capacity of 66-90 gpm with 1.47-2.06% DS content. The dewatered sludge is discharged into a shaftless screw conveyor that transfers the cake to an additional shaftless screw conveyor on an incline ending with the dewatered sludge falling into a dewatering dumpster to be removed by the staff of the Mont Belvieu Public Works staff.

• TYPE OF SLUDGE – Municipal Waste Activated Sludge (WAS)
• OPERATING TIME – up to 16 hr/day
• UNIT SLUDGE SUPPLY – up to 268 gpm(0.5%DS) / up to 880 lbDS/h
• CAKE DS CONTENT – approx. 20-23 %
• POLYMER CONSUMPTION – approx. 22.5lb/tonDS
• DS CAPTURE RATE – 99.83%

multi-disk screw press dehydrator MDQ-354 CL


Municipal wastewater treatment plant (Mont Belvieu, TX, USA)
One unit is installed at the municipal WWTP and is designed for dewatering municipal waste activated sludge (WAS). Inlet sludge DS concentration is 0.5-2.5% and outlet cake DS concentration is 20-23%

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