Esmil | Blog | News | City of Madison Upgrades Wastewater Treatment Plant with Esmil Air Tube Diffusers for Improved Aeration Efficiency

The City of Madison, FL wastewater treatment plant was facing challenges with its outdated and inefficient aeration system. To address these issues, the plant installed Esmil air tube diffusers, delivered by Ekoton USA corporation, which are expected to provide high oxygen transfer efficiency, low energy consumption, and low-maintenance requirements. The diffusers were installed in the aeration tank and connected to the stainless-steel headers and air feed pipes.

Esmil Tube Air Diffusors Madison Florida

This combination of polymer diffusers and stainless-steel components is expected to provide a long-lasting and reliable aeration system for the City of Madison, FL wastewater treatment plant.

System start-up is expected to provide significant improvements to the plant’s aeration performance.

Esmil Tube Air Diffusors Madison Florida

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