Sludge Dewatering in Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment

In the realm of municipal water and wastewater treatment, efficient sludge dewatering is an indispensable process that significantly impacts environmental sustainability and operational costs. Municipalities worldwide face the challenge of managing increasing volumes of sludge while adhering to stringent environmental regulations. That’s why sludge at water and wastewater treatment plants requires application of highly effective dewatering process.

Wastewater treatment plant

Municipal wastewater treatment plants mainly generate primary and secondary sludge which are the product of sedimentation of contaminants in initial wastewater and of surplus activated sludge respectively. Primary sludge consist of combination of organic and inorganic impurities, when secondary sludge is presented mostly by organic matter. To be treated, they require preliminary flocculation and depending on the applied dewatering technology, they can be dewatered separately or as a mixed sludge.

Other types of sludge generated at municipal wastewater treatment plants are aerobic and anaerobic digestates. Unlike the primary and secondary sludge, they required sophisticated conditioning process prior to dewatering.

Water treatment plants generate sludge mainly as a by-product of coagulation and flocculation of raw water thus it is characterized by high concentration of inorganic matter which impacts the choice of dewatering technologies that can be applied.

Esmil Advanced Sludge Dewatering Technologies

Our company specializes in providing cutting-edge sludge dewatering equipment designed to meet the unique needs of municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Our range of solutions includes:

  • Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ: Esmil MDQ is the ideal solution for sludge containing high levels of organics. This compact and energy-efficient system excels at effectively dewatering sludge, producing dry solids with minimal water content, and is specifically designed to tackle the challenges posed by high organic matter and fat content in the sludge. That’s why it can be effectively applied for dewatering of primary and secondary sludge as well as a part of digestate treatment process.
  • Multi-Roller Disk-Press JD: Our JD Multi-Roller Disk Press is engineered to handle sludge with a high content of both organic and inorganic matter. This robust system is designed for high-throughput dewatering applications, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability. It ensures effective dewatering even in the presence of abrasive components within the sludge. All this makes it ideal solution for dewatering of sludge at Municipal Water Treatment plants as well as mixed and raw sludge at Municipal Wastewater Treatment plants.
  • Multi-Disk Sludge Thickener MDQ-T: Our sludge thickener is ideal for preliminary thickening processes before dewatering, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Containerized Sludge Dewatering Systems Module-D: This modular system provides flexibility and convenience for various sludge dewatering requirements.

Esmil Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-354

Benefits of Esmil Sludge Dewatering Equipment

At Esmil, our sludge dewatering equipment goes beyond the basics, delivering a range of advantages that are crucial for municipal wastewater treatment facilities:

  • Effective Dewatering: Esmil’s solutions excel at efficient dewatering, significantly reducing sludge volume and associated disposal costs.
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX: Our equipment offers cost-effective solutions for both initial setup (CAPEX) and ongoing operational expenses (OPEX), ensuring efficiency without breaking the budget.
  • Clean Filtrate: Our equipment consistently produces clean filtrate, aligning with environmental regulations and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.
  • Long Life without Service: Engineered for durability, our equipment boasts an extended service life with minimal maintenance requirements, providing continuous, dependable performance.
  • Product Recovery: Dewatered sludge can be further processed to recover valuable resources, such as biogas and nutrient-rich biosolids.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed with user-centric features, our equipment ensures straightforward operation, reducing complexity and facilitating ease of use for your entire team.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Efficient dewatering minimizes the environmental impact of sludge disposal, contributing to sustainability goals.
Esmil MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press
Esmil MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press
Esmil MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press
Esmil Module D Sludge Dewatering System
Multi-Roller Disk Press JD-750

These benefits make Esmil’s sludge dewatering equipment the optimal choice for enhancing operational efficiency while meeting environmental compliance standards and sustainability goals at municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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