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Screw compacting press Screw compacting press

Screw compacting press

Screw Compacting Presses are intended for the compacting and washing of waste collected on the sewer mechanized screens.

Conveyors and presses

Dewatering screw conveyor is equipment used for slurry transporting or similar materials through the trough with the help of rotating screw. Such dewatering conveyor is usually involved in wastewater treatment, not only industrial but municipal too.

The most common materials that are transported with this equipment are dry and they do not compact into the solid mixture and never lose their quality when they are slightly bruised. It can also transport dusting, hot and slowly wet materials, sewage sludge and mud or sand from screenings from a grit chamber. As the dewatering screw conveyor trough is easy to encapsulate, harmful chemical substances are transported too. The amount of ladling depends on the screw diameter, conveyor inclination, number of rotations and quality of the material. The conveyors are gear motor driven, usually based on the stationary trough and a rotating shaft.

The most famous dewatering screw press is a dewatering conveyor with a variety of pitched screw. It is located in the center of a closed double body frame at the top of a disposal hopper. The perforated body of the mentioned equipment has two zones which are rinsing (with two nozzles for waste products body) and compressing. For lessening the transportation costs the waste compression happens by the reduction action of the screw pitch. The process of biological purification becomes much easier with the waste rinsing function. With the help of it, organic compounds can be kept in the effluent.

The critical parts of dewatering screw conveyor made of AISI 304 (AISI 316) stainless steel and equipment itself is made from wear-resistant steel. Moreover, it has not outer moving details, and the construction is easy and compact. All these factors make the device durable and reliable.

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