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Screw compacting press Screw compacting press

Screw compacting press

Screw Compacting Presses are intended for the compacting and washing of waste collected on the sewer mechanized screens.

Screening treatment

The process of wastewater treatment can become more complicated because of solid particles and grit. There is a risk of the equipment damaging that is why such materials should be removed foremost. Screening water treatment is considered being this first step. Screens were designed for catching some big objects which we can find in wastewater. When the screening treatment has been finished, there are no rags, paper, plastics or metals in water. Due to this, there is less risk of breaking equipment used for next steps.

Wastewater screening equipment can be divided into two types: coarse and fine screens. The source of sewage has the main influence on the screen choice. Let’s investigate the specialties of each type.

  1. Coarse screens do not allow logs, timbers, and stumps entering treatment process. The equipment gets rid of large solids, rags, and rejects. Their size ranges from 6 to 150 mm depending on the type. There are three of them: trash rack, mechanically and manually cleaned bar screens.
  2. Fine screens prevent all troubles which can happen in downstream processes. If some equipment does not have primary treatment, such screens are commonly used. Their size is various: from 0,2 to 6 mm. They are irreplaceable in reducing suspended solids.

Water treatment screening process differs according to season and time of day. For example, there are much more waste substances from daily operations, night treatment does not give you such results. In winter months the need for screening decreases, there are less agricultural products. In summer all factories are open, they pollute wastewater every day that is why more pieces of equipment are needed. All these factors should be considered.

If you want to get a successful wastewater treatment screening, then you should, first of all, think about the correct place of using treatment equipment. It’s particularly very important at the beginning of the treatment process. Then try to find the right type. There are two types of screw conveyors which can be used for cleaning wastewater from coproducts and screened impurities: horizontal and inclined. Also, it’s very important to reduce the volume of screens not to lose money on transport and storage. The best way to do it is to use screw compacting presses. One more variant is to maintain the organic compounds in wastewater with the help of washing the screens. The next phase of treatment (biological) can reach more effective level. We recommend paying attention to some “combined” wastewater treatment, which will extend the space. It builds all devices and mechanical processes up together, and it is like having only one piece of equipment.

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