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Disk Press JD Disk Press JD

Disk Press JD

Practical and efficient equipment for dehydration of wastewater sludge from industrial, agricultural and food enterprises.

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Multi-disc Screw Press Dehydrator Multi-disc Screw Press Dehydrator

Multi-disc Screw Press Dehydrator

Multi-disk Screw Press Dehydrators are readily applied to wastewater sludge dewatering requirements for low-capacity municipal wastewater facilities.

Esmil supplies various types of dewatering equipment to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants around the world.

Sludge dewatering equipment from Esmil

Multi-disc screw press dehydrator

Sludge dewatering screw press dehydrators are well suited for wastewater sludge dewatering requirements on low to high capacity municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

Plate and frame filter press

Chamber membrane Plate and frame filter presses can be used in industrial sludge dewatering and production processes in different fields.

Belt filter press

Belt filter press for sludge dewatering is designed for mechanical dewatering of wastewater sludge as well as drinking water treatment sludge.

Belt thickener

Belt thickeners can be used at the first stage of the sludge dewatering process together with belt presses to increase unit dewatering capacity.

How to choose the right sludge dewatering equipment?

Dewatering equipment should be selected based on a wide range of factors, including:
– Type of sludge to be separated
– Dehydration section load
– The cost of reagents and their delivery to the dehydration site
– Technological requirements for the purity of the filtrate
– The moisture content of the filter cake
– Dewatered sludge handling and disposal
– Energy use cost
– Equipment maintenance cost
It’s necessary to conduct a preliminary assessment to determine which sludge dewatering machine is best suited for given requirements.

Why Esmil?

The Esmil industrial group has been supplying sludge dewatering equipment to objects of medium and large capacity for more than 25 years. In this time, we have accumulated invaluable experience in launching and operating this machinery (delivering about 100pcs a year). By cooperating closely with operating enterprises, we were able to improve the design of our devices, making them even more comfortable to use. If you have any questions about our services or would like to request assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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