ESMIL at the Newea Annual Conference & Exhibition in Boston (USA)

The event attracts over 2000 engineers, consultants and scientists and over 200 exhibition displays with their technological and scientific developments.

At our display we demonstrated tube air diffuser. Air diffusers are developed for biological treatment at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Air diffusers supply oxygen to the wastewater in the aeration tank. In production of air diffusers we use brand new technologies and our own developments. So visitors immediately recognized the advantages of our diffusers.

In the ESMIL tube air diffusers design we use polymeric materials that make our diffusers resistant to mechanical impact, to a wide range of aggressive environments and temperatures. So it significantly increases the lifetime of our air diffusers. We provide up to 8 year warranty for of our air diffusers. And that is only warranty, lifetime usually much higher.

And all this in addition that they do not require service.

Usage of ESMIL tube air diffusers allows reducing capital costs while the efficiency in 2-2.5 times higher compared to membrane diffusers because of the unique all-surface-diffusion.

On top of that, diffusers provide uniform air distribution throughout the entire area of the aeration tank and effective mass transfer generating bubbles with 2-3 mm diameter.

Such competitive advantages interested visitors and they doubled down on our specialists about unique features of the equipment operation principles.

At NEWEA exhibition we get a huge experience communicating with potential clients and partners. We concluded an agreement for our equipment representation with Boyson and Associates, Inc.

Besides aeration systems Boyson and Associates, Inc. also will represent multi-disk screw press MDQ, another brand product of EKOTON Industrial group. MDQ screw press is designed for mechanical dewatering of industrial and municipal wastewater sludge.

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