ESMIL Multi-Disk Screw Press for one of the leading dairy companies in Virginia

Milti-disk screw press

Оn September 2020 one more sludge dewatering system was launched in the USA. This time one multi-disk screw press MDQ-354(3) CL and one shaftless screw conveyor KVE 4/5.8 280 were installed at one of the leading dairy companies in Virginia.

The primary goal of installing sludge dewatering system was to reduce sludge disposal cost as no sludge processing had been implemented here. Unprocessed sludge had been simply stored in tanks and periodically transported by tank trucks to further processing.

MDQ-354(3) CL screw press dewaters mixture of DAF-separated milk fats and DAF-thickened MBBR sludge at a capacity of 55 gpm (12.5 m3/h) from 4% to 19% DS content. Dewatered sludge is then discharged into a dumpster through three conveyor discharge spouts. Each discharge spout is equipped with an ultrasonic level sensor for cake level measurement. Intermediate discharge spout is also equipped with an electrically actuated slide gate valve. This allows to evenly fill the dumpster with the dewatered sludge.

MDQ-354(3) CL screw press has a free space for one additional dewatering drum, thus leaving the possibility to increase its capacity in the future.

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