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The progress ESMIL has made in Akron, Ohio the past several months has proven tremendous strides in manufacturing wastewater equipment. One of ESMIL ‘s major steps towards becoming a leader in manufacturing starts with the ground floor.  Moving from a 2,500sqft manufacturing office, to a larger industrial facility has made it possible for ESMIL to take on larger opportunities. ESMIL’s 30,000sqft manufacturing facility is equipped with multiple cranes, varies dock entries, and suitable office spacing.

By expanding our resources, we now have the equipment and manpower to complete many large-scale projects.  ESMIL has also demonstrated this by manufacturing some of the largest tipping buckets produced. The process begins by understanding what is fully needed to be successful in a competitive worldwide industry.

Since ESMIL has relocated to its new manufacturing facility it has had the opportunity to show how capable they are. The first project introduced to ESMIL in their new manufacturing facility was the Tipping bucket project. As you can see there were many tasks ahead, not just manufacturing but also implementing all the right equipment to get the job done efficiently.

ESMIL focused on what was needed for the project now, as well as what would help in the future. Strategic planning is what ESMIL values, this helps with generating what equipment and personnel suit the job best. During this period, the purchasing of top welding equipment was selected and installed. Intensive interviewing of personnel and staff took place to find the best candidates to operate and complete this project as a team.

Understanding how each piece of the structure fits together is important for creating a good manufacturing environment. To create a well-functioning process flow the purchase of top-quality welding tables and tools were arranged to easily work with the full-scale product.

Manufacturing Process

The process of getting set up is now complete. The focus has shifted to narrowing down the best steel supplier. ESMIL takes pride in all their products, the handling, and the quality of the laser-cut finished steel which is held to the highest standard. For this project, we kept all film on the stainless parts until it needed removing. While keeping in mind that this is a white glove operation from start to finish.

Quality Control

The pickling and passivation process takes place as soon as the tipping bucket is removed from the welding station. ESMIL has taken the time to research new innovative technology to ensure good quality and appearance. This is one more strategic process that demonstrates the thoroughness of our work.

Ekoton production plant in Akron OH USA


Testing is the final stage before packaging and shipping. ESMIL examines and completes several testing procedures for each tipping bucket. This guarantees and certifies that each tipping bucket operates correctly, tipping on its own when full and returning to its original position when empty. ESMIL also tests for any deformities of the steel after the tipping buckets have been filled to their max capacity. To conclude, testing ESMIL also takes in consideration of the balance test results, this helps understand how each tipping bucket will work in the field.

Electrical panels, valves, actuators, and sensors were also tested on-site to make sure programming and configuration were ready for the customer upon delivery. On-site, ESMIL’s staff performed and demonstrated knowledge of how the electrical panel work with actuators and valves.  Ensuring all functions communicate with each other properly.

Ekoton production plant in Akron OH USA

Packaging & Shipping

The final stage of the manufacturing process completes the packaging and proper securing of units. During the fabrication process of the tipping bucket, smaller manufacturing processes were being followed to keep the process flow continuous for mass production. This includes the construction of all pallets created to transport the units to their destination.  After being placed on pallets each tipping bucket has been wrapped tight for protection during transportation.

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