Exciting Announcement: Introducing JD Disk Press for High-Mineral-Content Sludge Dewatering from Esmil Group!

Disk press JD

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in sludge dewatering technology, designed to handle a diverse range of challenging sludge compositions. Our new equipment,JD Disk Press, is engineered to tackle sludge containing high levels of minerals and fats, as well as coarse, abrasive, and fibrous inclusions.

Esmil Group is a well-known worldwide producer of wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering equipment with approximately 30 years of professional experience. Since 2013, we have been manufacturing the highly effective Multi-disk Screw Press MDQ, known for its exceptional performance in municipal and industrial sludge with a high level of fats.

Now, we are excited to introduce the JD Disk Press as the optimal solution for mechanically dewatering wastewater sludge with high mineral content from municipal treatment stations, industrial, agricultural, and food enterprises.

The unique construction of the JD Disk Press utilizes gravity and compression to dewater. The “filtering rollers” consist of alternating thin metal discs and resin discs, arranged in two tiers (upper and lower). Flocculated sludge is fed between the rollers, where it is dewatered by compression, and conveyed toward the sludge outlet through the rotating action of the rollers. This system is highly energy-efficient, and the discs are self-cleaning, preventing clogging.

Disc Press JD

Main Advantages of JD Disk Press:

  • Reliable dewatering of high-mineral-content sludge without abrasive wear and jamming.
  • Highly efficient in dewatering various types of sludge.
  • No issues with sludges containing high levels of fat and oil.
  • Corrosion-resistant due to the use of stainless steel and high-strength plastic.
  • Simple maintenance and operation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness our groundbreaking equipment in action! Join us at the WEFTEC exhibition from October 2nd to October 4th, 2023, in Chicago, IL, where we’ll be showcasing these innovations at booth #1461.

Discover the future of sludge dewatering with Esmil Group!

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