Mobile Sludge Dewatering Plant based on ESMIL Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ for WWTP in Napoleon, OH

In October 2020, ESMIL Industrial Group won a bid and signed a contract with the City of Napoleon, OH, to deliver two multi-disk screw press MDQ-354 CL.

Napoleon WWTP was constructed in 1958 and was initially designed to treat 3 MGD of wastewater. During several expansion and rehabilitation projects, Napoleon WWTP has been gradually expanded to the hydraulic capacity of 7.5 MGD. Between July to September 2020, Ohio EPA approved the loan to the City of Napoleon to design a WWTP improvement project including a new headworks facility, digester, and sludge dewatering.

When installed, MDQ-354 CL screw presses will be operated alternately and will dewater the aerobically stabilized mixture of sewage sludge and water treatment sludge with 3–6 % DS content at a throughput of 1,350 lb DS/h each. Dewatered sludge will then be discharged into two dumpsters via a series of five conveyors supplied by others.

One of the distinctive features of the MDQ screw presses manufactured for this project is the design of the mixing tank. Here, the mixing tank is divided into two independently mixed chambers – the flash mixing chamber and the flocculation chamber. Mixing speed in these chambers is different thus enhancing the sludge flocculation process.

Until the WWTP improvement project is finished, the City of Napoleon will temporarily dewater sludge with a mobile sludge dewatering plant rented from ESMIL Industrial Group.

ESMIL mobile sludge dewatering plant is a ready-to-use mobile solution for sludge dewatering with a throughput of up to 2,800 lb DS/h. All process equipment can be arranged on either a platform, box or curtain-sided trailer or packed within a container on a trailer. The size of the trailer/container depends on the plant capacity and the set of equipment.

ESMIL mobile sludge dewatering plant generally consists of the following equipment:

  • sludge feed pump,
  • macerator,
  • flowmeter,
  • polymer feeder,
  • multi-disk screw press (MDQ-351 CL to MDQ-354 CL models),
  • inclined belt or screw conveyors,
  • autonomous PLC control system.

The trailer/container serves as a housing for the system and therefore comes complete with all piping, wiring, lighting, and air extraction fan Air heating system may be installed on request.

ESMIL Mobile Dewatering Plant features:

  • Pre-installed system ready to use,
  • Compact design,
  • High packing density,
  • Designed for small to medium municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications,
  • Minimum civil works on site,
  • Easy to relocate.

In case of ESMIL mobile sludge dewatering plant for Napoleon WWTP, the plant consist of a multi-disk screw press MDQ-354 CL, two types of sludge feed pumps, a macerator, а flowmeter, a polymer feeder, two belt conveyors, and an autonomous PLC control system. All process equipment is arranged on a platform trailer with 25 ft. bed length resulting in an efficient, compact, low-maintenance system ready to plug & play.

Ekoton Mobile Dewatering Plant

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