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At Esmil Corp., we understand that sludge disposal is a critical aspect of any Water Reclamation Facility, demanding significant resources and advanced technology. With over 30 years of expertise in sludge dewatering, we offer a range of products designed to deliver efficient, reliable, and straightforward dehydration solutions.

Explore our cutting-edge sludge dewatering products:

  • Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ: Ideal for various sludges, including primary and WAS sludge, mixed sludge, and DAF sludge.
  • Multi-Disk Sludge Thickener MDQ-T: Highly efficient sludge thickener for streamlined thickening processes.
  • Multi-Roller Disk Press JD: Tailored for sediments containing abrasive inclusions, perfect for handling inorganic sediments.
  • Sludge Dewatering Systems: Comprehensive solutions featuring all necessary equipment – pumps, polymer make-down and supply systems, cake conveyors, and advanced control systems.
  • Container Dewatering Units: Swiftly address dewatering challenges while ensuring equipment mobility.

Key Dewatering Solutions:

In our dewatering solutions, we leverage the best available and effective modern technologies to ensure superior performance. Explore our key dehydration solutions:

  • Separate Collection of Filtrate: Enhance efficiency with a dedicated system for the precise collection of filtrate.
  • Chemical Treatment Options: Choose between one- or two-stage chemical treatments, including flocculant or coagulant-flocculant, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Two-Stage Flocculation: Achieve optimal results with a two-stage flocculation process, incorporating fast and slow mixing for superior performance.
  • Filtrate Recycling: Contribute to sustainability by recycling filtrate for use in preparing polymer solutions, minimizing environmental impact.

Ready to optimize your sludge dewatering process? Explore our cutting-edge solutions and partner with Esmil Corp. for efficient, reliable, and sustainable dewatering. Contact us now for personalized consultation and discover the future of wastewater treatment.

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