Multi-disc Screw Press MDQ Esmil
Multi-disk screw press
Multi-disk screw press
Multi-disc Screw Press MDQ Esmil
Multi-disk screw press
Multi-disk screw press

The Esmil MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press offers an efficient dewatering solution for municipal wastewater treatment plants and a wide range of industrial sewage sludge, including those with high FOG content.

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The Esmil MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press offers an efficient dewatering solution for municipal wastewater treatment plants and a wide range of industrial sewage sludge, including those with fats, oil and grease.

MDQ screw presses are particularly well-suited for facilities aiming to minimize maintenance requirements and reduce operating costs.

Our MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press operate with minimal energy consumption and resource utilization, such as polymer, flushing water, and wear parts. They also demand minimal maintenance and staff supervision, outperforming other dewatering equipment in terms of efficiency and resource utilization.

Following treatment in the Multi-Disk Screw Press, the dewatered sludge can achieve a dry solids content of 18-40% with an average polymer dose of 7-25 lb/ton of dry solids.

Key applications for Multi-Disk Screw Press include:

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Food processing industry
  • Biogas plants
  • Oil and gas industry

The Esmil MDQ/MDC Multi-Disk Screw Press excel in handling challenging sludge types, including:

  • Dewatering of various flotation sludges
  • Dewatering of sludge with significant amounts of fat, oil and grease, making it suitable for applications involving industrial wastewater or oily sludge
  • Dewatering of sludge with high solids content.

Esmil Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ

Advantages of Esmil MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press:

  • Reliability and Trouble-Free Operation: The machine is robust and capable of handling various types of sludge without any issues. The screws rotate at a very slow speed, typically just 0.5 – 2 revolutions per minute (rpm). The dewatering drums feature a self-cleaning design with two types specialized disks, ensuring that the filtration surface remains clean. This design enables continuous equipment operation, eliminating the necessity for expensive cleaning of filtering mesh.
  • User-Friendly Operation for Efficient Sludge Dewatering: Esmil dewatering screw presses are designed for easy maintenance and operation. With just a one-day training course, any operator can proficiently manage the machine, configure its operation, and perform necessary servicing tasks, including full machine disassembly and reassembly. This feature is particularly beneficial for small wastewater treatment plants with limited access to highly skilled personnel.
  • Dewatering High-Fat and High-Oil Content Sludge: The multi-disk screw press excels at dewatering sludge with high concentrations of fats and oils. This equipment is especially suitable for sludge containing significant amounts of fats, such as those from DAF processes. Notably, the multi-disk screw press is attractive to the food industry, particularly within meat processing plants where other methods like centrifugation and belt pressing may not be feasible due to greasy and abrasive content in the sludge.
  • Optimal Flocculation: The flocculation chamber is integrated into ESMIL’s Multi-disk screw press design, creating an optimal flocculation process: flocs are formed and matured under optimal conditions with visual control from an operator. After the flocculated sludge is gently fed by overflowing to the dewatering drums without any pumping (and thus without flocculation disruption).
  • Clean Filtrate: In the multi-disk screw press, the main filtrate volume is separated from the sludge in the thickening zone by gravity and without pressing particles through the filter gaps, resulting in a very clean filtrate. Additionally, as an option, the press can have a segregated filtrate collection tray, with the purest portion (typically constituting 90% of the total volume) extracted from the thickening zone, while the more contaminated portion is separately collected and returned into the flocculation tank.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Thanks to its innovative drum design, featuring a slowly rotating screw, the machine consumes minimal energy – approximately 0.0004 kWh per 1 gallon of initial sludge – resulting in cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.
  • Minimal Wash Water Usage: Because the movement of the disks cleans the filter gaps, and flushing is primarily employed to remove accumulated sediment from the drum body during operation, water usage is minimized. High water pressure for flushing is unnecessary; standard pressure will suffice.
  • Convenient Operation and Maintenance: The press’s high-quality components and proven technology ensure equipment longevity and minimize maintenance. The horizontal drum configuration enhances ease of maintenance and simplifies the replacement of wear components. Key working parts are easily accessible and serviceable using standard tools. Furthermore, the MDQ screw presses operate with minimal noise, enhancing convenience for maintenance personnel.
  • Multiple Drum Design: The machine can accommodate up to six dewatering drums, allowing for the utilization of only a portion of the installed drums while keeping others in reserve for maintenance purposes.
  • Compact Footprint: Compared to alternative dewatering equipment, multi-disk screw presses have a smaller installation footprint.
  • Enhanced Drum Strength: Fixed disks are supported by a singular drum frame, providing enhanced structural integrity for the drum.
  • FREA-METAL Screw Protection: A bar of highly durable material (FREA-METAL) is welded onto the screw’s blade edge, enhancing wear resistance. This addition prolongs the screw shaft’s operational lifespan to approximately 50,000 hours of use.
  • Exceptionally Long Lifespan: Esmil MDQ screw presses are engineered for durability and require minimal part replacements. The MDQ disks are meticulously crafted from a single metal piece, resulting in an impressively low flatness deviation of 0.025 mm. Advanced disk flattening technology further reduces thickness deviation to 0.05 mm (as opposed to standard plate sheets of 0.25 mm), significantly prolonging the movable disks’ operational life.

The MDQ screw presses are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (optionally AISI 316) and have different size and capacity. The MDQ screw presses are operated as a part of mechanical dewatering systems. The standard system can include: the MDQ screw press, an external pump for initial sludge supply, a polymer feeder solution dosing pump and a dewatered sludge conveying equipment.

Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ/MDC Design

Esmil Multi-disk Screw Press MDQ Design

Dewatering Drum Design

The multi-disk screw press’s key element is the dewatering drum with closely spaced disks. The rotating screw conveys sludge from inlet to discharge. Water is released in the drum, and filtrate is discharged through the gaps in the disks. Pressure is highest near discharge. The drum has a low rotation speed at 1 to 2 RPM and the process consumes minimal power will requiring minimal water producing very clean filtrate.

Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ Dewatering Drum Design

Unique Design for Reliable and Durable Esmil MDQ Multi-Disk Screw Press:

The distinctive design of the dewatering drum ensures the reliability and durability of Esmil MDQ multi-disk screw press. Key features include:

  • Drum Disk Thickness: The drum disks boast a thickness of 3 mm, surpassing similar models from other manufacturers. This substantial thickness enhances structural strength and extends wear life significantly.
  • Stainless Steel Design: Unlike some competitors who use plastic components, our disks are exclusively crafted from stainless steel. This commitment to durable materials ensures the most reliable design possible.
  • Disk Assembly: Our disks are expertly assembled into a carrier frame, creating a more robust structure compared to the use of insert pins found in other manufacturer’s designs.
  • Maximum Width and Inner Diameter: We’ve designed our disks with the widest possible dimensions and inner diameter to maximize structural integrity and internal volume. This optimization contributes to achieving the highest possible performance levels.
  • Screw Edge Protection: The screw edge is safeguarded with a hard metal strip, providing an impressive service life exceeding 10 years.

MDQ 350 Dewatering Drum

Optional Automation System Features for MDQ Screw Presses:

Our automation system offers a range of optional features, including:

  • Control Cabinet: Utilizing a PLC controller and HMI touch panel for intuitive control and monitoring.
  • External and Additional Touch Panels: Enhancing control flexibility with the installation of external and extra touch panels.
  • Data Transfer: Facilitating equipment status monitoring through high-level APCS using standard communication protocols.
  • Remote Process Control: Enabling remote control and monitoring via a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Automatic Start-Up: Allowing for automated start-up based on external conditions, predetermined schedules, and other control algorithms.
  • Technological Parameter Optimization: Automatically optimizing process parameters to achieve maximum cake dryness while maintaining constant productivity.
  • Explosion-Proof Design: Ensuring electrical equipment and control cabinets meet explosion-proof standards for added safety.

Esmil MDQ multi-disk screw presses are designed with reliability, efficiency, and durability in mind, offering exceptional performance for your wastewater treatment needs.

Productivity of Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ/MDC

Productivity of Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ/MDC

*- information is based on experience of dewatering DAF-sludge with relatively high O&G concentration (40-60%) from meat processing plants (slaughter, poultry) and milk processing plants, etc.

The throughput mentioned above is calculated as an approximation and may vary depending on sludge characteristics. Contact Esmil for model selection assistance.

Dimensions guide

The Esmil Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ is available in a range of sizes and models, depending on the size of your facility and the treatment that you would like to complete. The system is available with a dewatering unit that includes the necessary dewatering equipment, and it can also be mounted and fully assembled. See the available equipment dimensions below.


Productivity on dry solids, lbSD/hup to 8,400
Hydraulic capacity, gpmup to 780
Nominal drum diameter, in4, 8, 14, 18
Number of drums, pcs.1-6
Flushing water consumption, gph4.3-174
Flushing water nominal pressure, psi22-60
Installed power, hp0.32-23.0
- length, in
- width, in
- height, in

- dry, lb
- in operation, lb


How time-consuming is the maintenance of the multi-disk screw press?

Equipment maintenance and servicing do not take much time (visual inspection and washing of the drum’s outer surface with water every three to four days).

Is it possible to conduct on-site testing of the MDQ screw press?

Yes, it is. The terms and conditions for such work are agreed upon receiving a request for testing.

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