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Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers
Tube Air Diffusers

Air Diffusers for Aeration tanks

Esmil  tube air diffusers were developed for application in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

They are predominantly used for supplying the wastewater in the aeration tank with oxygen as well as for providing the efficient mixing of the aeration tank content.

  • Esmil air diffuser consist of two pipes inserted one into another with the air gap between them.

    The construction of the Esmil Tube Air Diffuser consists of two pipes inserted one into another with an air gap between them. The external air dispersing layer of the pipe is made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and is the “fibrous-porous” portion of the diffuser. During the pneumatic extrusion manufacturing process, melted polyethylene fibers are aerodynamically formed and applied to the mold of the outer pipe. The inner perforated pipe is made of durable PVC. The gap between the two pipes is divided with cross ring inserts which provide uniform air supply throughout the diffuser’s line.

    The supply air enters the space between the outer and inner pipe through numerous openings in the inner PVC pipe. Fine bubbles of air are dispersed into the aeration tank through the “fibrous-porous” layer of the outer pipe. This process provides for consistent and uniform air distribution in the treated liquid and provides a very high aeration efficiency with minimal energy cost.

  • Components and materials

    Description Material
    1. Perforated pipe PVC
    2. Fibro-porous dispenser LDPE
    3. Cross ring insertion PE


    Type Total leght (A), [in] Disperser leght (B), [in] External diameter (C), [in] Dispencer wall thickness, [in] Total weight, [lbs]
    APVK-1 41.0 37.0 4.72 0.39 8.8
    APVK-2 80.5 76.5 4.72 0.39 17.6
    • Low air headloss
      Esmil Tube Air Diffusers head losses are 2-2.5 times lower than conventional membrane diffusers. This significantly reduces energy consumption and, therefore, the operational costs of aeration projects.
    • Effective Oxygen Transfer and Sludge Mixing
      The air bubbles generated by the Esmil Tube Air Diffusers are in the range of .08-.12 inches in diameter which is ideal for sludge oxygen transfer and mixing. Air flow capacity of the Diffusers is some 2 times higher than in conventional air diffusers, which allows to decrease significantly capital costs of aeration projects with Esmil Air Diffusers
    • No need of air feed pipes on the aeration tank bottom
      The air gap design between the two pipes provides the diffuser with equal air distribution throughout the entire aeration tank. Aeration line length can be up to 140 ft with just one air feed point.
    • The Esmil Tube Air Diffusers aeration system is simple to install and comes with threaded pipe in segment lengths up to 6’8” which are quick and easy to assemble on the tank floor.
      In the result the capital costs of aeration projects are significantly lower comparing to conventional membrane diffusers systems.
    • High Reliability
      Because of this durable construction, there is minimal risk of damage to the diffuser caused by pressure impact and other mechanical damage. The outer low-density polyethylene dispersion layer does not require routine flushing and cleaning maintenance. Esmil Tube Air Diffusers systems provide consistent, reliable and stable performance during their long installation life (8-12 years).
  • Technical characteristics

    Airflow rate, [sft3/h/ft] 100–250
    Aerator diameter, [in] 4.72
    Aerator length, [in] 41.0 or 80.5
    Bubble diameter, [in] 0.04–0.12
    Inlet air temperature, [°F] up to 212 °F

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