Case Study: Dairy processing (DuBois, PA)

Size of WWTP –  700 gallons per day
End User / Customer – Dairy Processing Plant
Start of Operation – March 2023

At Esmil, we excel at providing tailored solutions that address even the most unique industrial challenges. Our recent success story in Pennsylvania demonstrates our commitment to efficiency, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.


A processing/industrial facility in Pennsylvania faced a daunting task – dewatering up to 7000 gallons per day of dairy sludge, starting with an initial dry solids content ranging between 3 and 3.5%. Their primary goal was to elevate the dry cake solids to above 15%, significantly reducing the expenses associated with haul out.


Esmil stepped in with an approach that perfectly matches the plant’s requirements:
– 2-Drum Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-302CD: With relatively light processing needs, we specified the MDQ-302CD, a compact yet high-performance dewatering solution.
– Enclosed Shaftless Screw Conveyor: As part of our comprehensive solution, we included our enclosed shaftless screw conveyor, ensuring smooth and efficient transport of dewatered sludge.

Minimizing polymer consumption

Our solution not only achieved the desired dry cake solids content but also kept polymer consumption to a minimum. Esmil’s MDQ dewatering technology empowers operators to optimize polymer dosing during setup. Operators can control the polymer dosing process. They can visually monitor the flocculation tank and adjust polymer dosing in real-time. The operator interface terminal (OIT) allows for precise adjustments to achieve optimal flocculation. Operators can fine-tune the polymer dose until the perfect flocculation point is reached, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The outstanding results

Esmil’s solution not only met but exceeded the customer’s expectations:
Achieving High Cake Solids: The MDQ-302CD system successfully increased the dry cake solids to above 20%, dramatically reducing haul-out
Cost Efficiency: Minimizing polymer consumption was achieved without compromising performance, ensuring cost savings and environmental responsibility.
Customer Satisfaction: The customer was completely satisfied with our solution, which was installed in March 2023.


Esmil’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability shines through in every project. Our dairy sludge dewatering success story in Pennsylvania exemplifies our dedication to meeting unique challenges and surpassing expectations.

Are you ready to transform your dewatering processes, reduce costs, and achieve remarkable results? Contact Esmil today to explore how our cutting-edge solutions can make a difference in your operations. Efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings are not aspirations; they’re a guarantee with Esmil.

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