Case study: Dairy Processing (Sugarcreek, OH)

Multi-disk screw press

Type of Industry – Dairy Processing
Model of Multi-Disk Screw Press – MDQ-353C
Start of Operation – 2018 December


The customer had an interest in reducing sludge disposal costs in their industrial wastewater treatment plant by obtaining lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption. The plant treats industrial wastewater from a nearby cheese factory and generates about 15,000 gallons of activated sludge from its MBR system per day.


On-site pilot tests were carried out, using mobile dewatering unit MDQ-201, to find the best dewatering technology. According to the test results Esmil offered sludge dewatering technology based on Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-353C.


Type of sludgeaerobically stabilized MBR sludge
Operating time8h/day, up to 5 days/week
Unit sludge supplyup to 50 gpm / up to 500 lbDS/h
Inlet sludge supply2 %
Cake DS contentapprox. 18-20%
Polymer consumption8.8 lb/ton DS
TSS concentration in filtrate50 ppm
DS capture rate99.7 %

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