Case study: Municipal WWTP (Kingston, Jamaica)

Model of Multi-Disk Screw Press – MDQ-353 C
Start of operation –2020 February


Soapberry WWTP located near Kingston Harbour has been operated since 2004. Biological wastewater treatment process is based on wetland lagoons. The WWTP has not previously had any sludge processing equipment, therefore since the start-up of the plant lagoons have been gradually filled with dry solid particles. As a result, sludge accumulation had impact on biological process efficiency, because of the reduced effective volume of the lagoons. For this reason, customer was looking for the solution to clean the bottom of the lagoons and process the sludge.


The lagoons cover an area of nearly 1480 acre. Bottom sludge from the lagoons is removed by remote controlled dredger supplied by Dragflow. For this reason, ESMIL offered Mobile dewatering complex based on Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-353 C. The complex includes a mechanical screen, sludge tank, influent sludge feed pump, polymer solution preparation unit, polymer dosing pump, water tank, water pump and screw conveyors. All the equipment is mounted on the common platform. The complex can be fitted in a standard 40’ container or on a trailer, which allows easy relocation.


Type of sludgebiologically digested
lagoon sludge
Operating timeup to 23 h/day
Initial sludge capacity44-66 gpm
Inlet sludge DS content2-3 %
Cake DS contentapprox. 23-26 %
Polymer powder consumption2-4 lb/tonDS
TSS concentration in filtrate100 ppm
DS capture ratemore than 99 %

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