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Pilot and Test Services for Proven Solutions

At Esmil Corp., we understand that finding the right sludge dewatering solution for your specific needs is crucial. Our Pilot and Test Services offer a practical and reliable way to evaluate and validate our cutting-edge technologies before full-scale implementation.

Customized Testing for Your Requirements

Every sludge dewatering project is unique, and what works for one facility may not be suitable for another. Our team works closely with you to tailor a testing program that aligns with your project’s objectives, whether it’s optimizing an existing process or implementing a new technology.

Realistic Simulations

Our state-of-the-art pilot units are designed to replicate real-world conditions, ensuring that the results obtained accurately reflect how our technologies will perform in your facility. We use realistic wastewater samples and operating parameters to provide you with the most accurate insights.

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Comprehensive Equipment for Effective Testing

In Esmil’s pilot-scale sludge dewatering plant, all process equipment is conveniently arranged on one trailer. We offer variuos plant options for pilot tests, each equipped with the necessary auxiliary equipment to ensure successful testing:

  • Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-201
  • Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-354 CL
  • Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-451 CS
  • Multi-Disk Screw Press MDQ-453 CS
  • Multi-Roller Disk Press JD-750
  • Multi-Roller Disk Press xJD-1500
  • Mobile Dewatering Unit Module D

In addition to the dewatering equipment, each Esmil pilot/rental dewatering units are equipped with the following auxiliary components:

  • Sludge feed pump
  • Polymer feeder or dry polymer make-down unit, along with a polymer solution dosing pump
  • Autonomous PLC-based control system equipped with an HMI touch panel

ESMIL MDQ-453C mobile dewatering system

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our approach to pilot and testing services is rooted in data-driven decision making. We collect comprehensive data throughout the testing process, allowing us to analyze performance, efficiency, and other critical factors. This data empowers us to fine-tune our solutions to meet your specific needs effectively.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Investing in full-scale wastewater treatment solutions without prior testing can be risky and costly. Our Pilot and Test Services offer a cost-efficient way to validate our technologies and ensure they meet your performance and budgetary requirements before committing to a larger project.

Environmental Responsibility

We understand the importance of environmental responsibility in wastewater treatment. Our testing services help identify solutions that not only meet performance goals but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation, aligning with today’s stringent environmental regulations.

Experienced Support

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with guidance and support throughout the testing process. We work closely with you to interpret results, recommend adjustments, and determine the most suitable solutions for your wastewater treatment challenges.

Esmil Pilot & Test Services

Partner with Confidence

Choosing the right wastewater treatment technology is a critical decision. With Esmil Corp.’s Pilot and Test Services, you can partner with confidence, knowing that our solutions have been thoroughly tested and proven to deliver outstanding results. Whether you’re optimizing your existing processes or exploring innovative solutions, our testing services will help you make informed decisions for a more efficient and sustainable future.

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