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Pilot and Test

Pilot tests play a key role in the selection and optimization of the sludge dewatering equipment for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Every type of wastewater sludge requires an individual approach since each sludge is unique with respect to its composition and properties that can influence the performance of the dewatering equipment. Pilot testing of the dewatering equipment is used to confirm that the equipment will work properly with the specific sludge under specific conditions. It also allows the dewatering process to be optimized and provides information about the expected performance and polymer consumption.

Experience gained over the years has made it possible for Esmil specialists to develop a special pilot testing procedure that produces reliable and accurate results. Pilot tests are performed on site by qualified Esmil technicians with a pilot-scale mobile sludge dewatering plant under different conditions. Such tests not only provide the information for proper application of the dewatering equipment to the site-specific conditions, but also provide an opportunity for training the plant staff in the operation of a new equipment.

In Esmil pilot-scale sludge dewatering plant all process equipment is arranged on one trailer. Three plant options are available for pilot tests at the moment: the first two – with a multi-disc screw press dehydrator (MDQ-354 CL or MDQ 201 models), the third – with a disc press JD-750.

In addition to a dewatering equipment, each Esmil pilot-scale sludge dewatering plant is equipped with the following auxiliary equipment necessary to successfully perform pilot tests:

  • Sludge feed pump,
  • Either a polymer feeder or a polymer solution preparation unit together with a polymer solution dosing pump,
  • Autonomous PLC-based control system equipped with a HMI touch panel.

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