Wastewater equipment hire is ideal solution for temporary sites that only need equipment on a short-term basis.

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Wastewater equipment hire

ESMIL offers an opportunity to rent mobile sludge dewatering plants for both short-term and long-term periods.

ESMIL mobile sludge dewatering plant is a ready to use mobile solution for sludge dewatering where all process equipment is arranged on one curtain-sided trailer. The trailer comes complete with all piping, wiring, and lighting resulting in an efficient, compact, low maintenance system ready to plug & play.

Mobile sludge dewatering plants features:

  • Pre-installed system ready to use,
  • Compact design,
  • High packing density,
  • Designed for small to medium municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications,
  • Minimum civil works on site,
  • Easy to relocate.

The core unit of the plant is a multi-disc screw press dehydrator MDQ. Two plant options are available for rent at the moment: the first one – with a multi-disc screw press dehydrator MDQ-354 CL on a 25 ft bed length trailer and the second one – with a multi-disc screw press dehydrator MDQ-451 C on a 30 ft bed length trailer. Throughput of the largest plant (MDQ-354 CL) reaches 2,800 lb DS/h and 265 gpm.

In addition to a dehydrator, each ESMIL mobile sludge dewatering plant is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Progressive cavity sludge feed pump,
  • Submersible sludge feed pump,
  • Macerator,
  • Electromagnetic sludge flowmeter,
  • Either a polymer feeder or a polymer solution preparation unit together with a polymer solution dosing pump,
  • Belt conveyors,
  • Autonomous PLC-based control system equipped with a HMI touch panel.

The mobile sludge dewatering plant includes two types of sludge feed pumps – submersible and progressive cavity pumps, thus the influent sludge can be fed into the unit from either underground or overground sludge storage tanks.

Presence of large solid particles and fibers in the influent sludge may lead to clogging of a cake discharge zone of the dewatering drums. Should these particles be present in the influent sludge, their maceration is recommended. For this, a macerator is installed on a sludge feed line upstream the progressive cavity sludge feed pump.

Depending on the dehydrator model, one or two belt conveyors are located on the trailer to transport the cake into a dumpster or other receptacles available on site. When not in use, the conveyors rest in the horizontal position. Before using the conveyors, they should be pushed out and inclined to achieve the desirable discharge height.

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