Do you want to enhance your plant performance, improve operation and maintenance or reduce operating costs but you are not familiar with Esmil products? Explore our products through our try-and-buy program.


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Esmil offers an opportunity to evaluate the performance of Esmil equipment before making а purchasing decision through the try-and-buy program now available for tube air diffusers AP KV and multi-disc screw press dehydrators MDQ. A potential customer can explore a product during a mutually agreed trial period and not pay for the trial in case the customer decides to buy the product upon the trial. If the customer for any reason decides not to buy the product, the product has to be returned while the customer will be charged a fee agreed beforehand.

In case of multi-disc screw press dehydrators MDQ, the trial will be performed with a mobile sludge dewatering plant where all process equipment is arranged on а trailer. Upon trial, the customer will have an option of buying either the mobile sludge dewatering plant that was used during the trial or a brand-new multi-disc screw press dehydrator with or without the auxiliary equipment. The scope of supply will be agreed beforehand.

Two mobile sludge dewatering plants are available for try-and-buy at the moment: the first one – with a multi-disc screw press dehydrator MDQ-354 CL on a 25 ft bed length trailer and the second one – with a multi-disc screw press dehydrator MDQ-451 C on a 30 ft bed length trailer. Throughput of the largest plant (MDQ-354 CL) reaches 2,800 lb DS/h and 265 gpm.

Read more about mobile sludge dewatering plants here.

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