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Solutions for municipal wastewater treatment plants

Domestic wastewater is sewage generated by human activity from residential homes, apartments and public facilities.   Municipal wastewater is a combination of domestic sewage and a mixture of industrial sewage, storm and street runoff which is treated and discharged by municipal sewage treatment facilities.  Municipal wastewater contains water-dispersed organic and inorganic substances, such as fecal matter, food product residue, sand, ash, detergents, rags, papers, etc.  These wastes contain a variety of biogenic compounds.  In the municipal wastewater treatment processes, mechanical, chemical, biological, and a mix of other methods are all used in the treatment process.  Depending on the type of effluent, the treatment process should be designed to achieve the best possible results with the lowest expense.

Esmil Tube Air Difussers at municipal WWTP in Israel

Esmil Industrial Group offers equipment for various treatment stages. Depending on the requirements, there are options to replace equipment with improved upgrades or re-design the whole wastewater treatment plant from the start.  Mechanical treatment involves the removal of larger organic floating parts and mineral suspensions.  They are removed using screens, fine screens, grit chambers, grease separators, and various types of clarifiers.   Also, several processes can be combined in one device to save space and investment costs.  Screens and fine screens are different types of mechanical dividers installed in front of sewage flow.  Wastes, called screenings, are removed periodically through manual or mechanical means. Grit chambers are designed to catch and retain heavier mineral contaminants such as sand.   Missing this “Grit” separation would result in the rapid wear of pumps, valves and other mechanical equipment working in pumping stations.  Grease separators remove oily pollution which float on the wastewater surface.  Compressed air is usually used to cause these substances to float their way to the surface where they are gathered by a scraper mechanism and discharged.  Clarifiers are intended for the sedimentation of fast settling contaminations which are removed from the tank’s bottom by scrapers or suction mechanisms.

The biological treatment step used in municipal wastewater treatment plants usually includes biofilters and the decomposition of organic substances to CO2, H2O and NH3, nitrification and denitrification due to an activated sludge process.  Aerobic biological processes require constant oxygen distribution in aeration tanks which is accomplished by the installation of aeration systems.

If municipal wastewater contains a significant amount of industrial sewage, chemical treatment methods are often necessary.  The most commonly used processes are usually coagulation and neutralization.

Esmil equipment application in this solution:

  • Screens and fine screens (Rake bar screen, Step screen, Hook screen, Drum screen brush, Screw screen)
  • Grit separation and treatment (Tangential grit chamber, Combined mechanical treatment module, Chain scraper for horizontal-flow grit chamber, Penstock)
  • Grinder screen and waste grinder
  • Screw conveyor
  • Screw compacting press
  • Clarifiers equipment (Radial scraper, Radial suction scraper, Chain scrapers for horizontal-flow clarifier, Picket stirrer, Trays and weirs)
  • Aeration system – tube air diffusers
  • Sludge dewatering equipment (Belt thickener, Belt filter press, Multi-disc screw press dehydrator, JD dehydrator, Chamber-membrane filter press)

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