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Removal of organic matter from wastewater

The dissolved organic matter in wastewater is consists mainly of protein (about 40 to 60%), carbohydrates (about 25 to 50%) and oils and fats (about 10%).   If these substances are from household sources, they are mainly biodegradable by microorganisms to simpler substances.

Combined Mechanical Treatment Unit M-Combi assembling at local WWTP (Portland, OR, USA)

Oily wastewater is a product of various industrial processes such as petrochemical, petroleum refining, leather, food and metal finishing. Fats, oils and grease (FOG) contained in this type of wastewater need to be separated before reuse in a closed-loop process or discharged into the sewage system.  In all plants where wastewater with high fat content is produced, appropriate grease separators must be installed. This avoids the eventual clogging of pipelines. Oily wastewater treatment is achieved by various methods which include flotation, chemical treatment, gravity and centrifugal separations, membrane processes, filtration, evaporation, biological treatment, activated carbon adsorption and integrated or hybrid processes. Organic dyes are widely used in the textile, food and cosmetic industries as well as in medicine and biological research.  Insufficiently purified wastewater reduces light transmission in aquatic ecosystems which is characterized by a high level of difficult to decompose organic compounds (called high COD values), often mutagenic and carcinogenic.  Coagulation, absorption, chemical oxidation and membrane techniques are used for dye removal from wastewater. In many cases, a combination of chemical and biological processes and anaerobic-aerobic biological methods are used. There is a growing interest in advanced oxidation processes (AOP), leading to the generation of highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. Such processes are used in methods as UV / H2O2, UV / TiO2, UV / Fe0 and Fenton reagent.

EKOTON Industrial Group offers solutions based on flotation including coagulation and flocculation, fat separation and biological treatment by aeration.

EKOTON equipment application in this solution:

  • DAF – Unit
  • Polymer solution preparation unit
  • Aeration systems – tube air diffusers
  • Chain scraper for horizontal-flow grit chamber
  • Tangential grit chamber
  • Combined mechanical treatment module

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