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Wastewater reuse in industry

Today the wastewater industry confronts new challenges due to the heavy growth of water consumption.  As the water usage required for agriculture, industry and urban needs exceed the natural replenishment rate, water scarcity can occur.   The main goals of wastewater engineering today is to design treatment processes which use technology that permits wastewater to be returned to our rivers and lakes as a way of reducing dangerous overconsumption.  This must be accomplished by meeting current wastewater regulations which help to reduce environmental impact.

Treatment methods need to properly remove contaminants found in wastewater for proper disposal or other beneficial uses.   Due to excess nutrients in untreated wastewater, disposal into reservoirs could lead to eutrophication which causes a lack of oxygen and death of aquatic life.  Other wastes could be toxic and cause huge public health and environment problems on their own.

Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrator MDQ at municipal WWTP (Ozd, Hungary)

Wastewater nutrients can be reused for irrigation of agricultural crops as a natural fertilizer. These nutrients can reduce production costs and increase harvest volume on one hand and prevent water born pollution on the other.   Soil can be used for wastewater disposal as an effective and cheap medium for wastewater treatment with no harm to environment.   Moreover, the use of pretreated water in irrigation can restore minerals and necessary compounds to the soil due to over farming and reduce the need for irrigation from dwindling public water sources.

With the growing needs for water, wastewater reclamation and recycling becomes more important in the future.  Wastewater recycling as a substitute water source can offer significant environmental and economic benefits.  The combination of different wastewater treatment technologies can provide the water quality required for safe reuse where applicable.

EKOTON equipment application in this solution:

  • DAF – Unit
  • Aeration systems – tube air diffusers
  • Belt thickeners
  • Belt filter presses
  • Multi-disc screw press dehydrator
  • JD dehydrator
  • Chamber-membrane filter press

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