Success Story: A Year of Seamless Operation at an Ohio Biogas Plant

Multi-disk screw press

At ESMIL, we’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that redefine efficiency and reliability in wastewater management. We’re thrilled to share our success story from a Biogas Plant in Ohio where our MDQ Multi-disk Screw Press has been operating for a year. This achievement speaks volumes about the transformative impact our technology can have on your operations.

The Biogas Plant in Ohio faced several challenges with their previous dewatering equipment, an old centrifuge:

  1. Frequent Failures: The old centrifuge failed too often, resulting in costly repairs and extensive downtime.
  2. High Labor and Engineering Costs: Operating and maintaining the centrifuge required significant operator and engineering labor, increasing operational costs.
  3. Performance Optimization: The plant needed to achieve high capacity, maintain high dry solids content in the cake, attain a high capture rate with low filtrate TSS, and minimize polymer consumption.
  4. Variable Sludge Properties: The continuously changing sludge properties posed a challenge in maintaining a stable dewatering process.
  5. Filtrate Reuse: There was a desire to reuse part of the filtrate for polymer solution preparation to reduce freshwater consumption.

ESMIL provided a comprehensive solution tailored to the plant’s unique needs:

  • MDQ-454C Multi-disk Screw Press: Our state-of-the-art, 4 drum, MDQ system, designed for high-performance dewatering, offered the ideal solution.
  • Filtrate Reuse Feature: We incorporated a filtrate reuse feature, optimizing resource utilization.
  • Polymer Solution Preparation System: An advanced polymer solution preparation system ensured precise dosing and efficiency.
  • Dynamic and Static Mixers: Our polymer injection system featured both dynamic and static mixers for thorough polymer blending.
  • Comprehensive Control System: A fully integrated control system managed the entire dewatering complex, ensuring seamless operation.


The results speak volumes about the success of our solution:

  • MDQ Design Capacity: 2450 lbsDS/h, 60 gpm.
  • MDQ Nominal Capacity: 2950 lbsDS/h, 90 gpm.
  • Cake Dry Solids: 26 – 32%.
  • Filtrate TSS: 700 – 1200 ppm.
  • Minimal Operator Intervention: The MDQ requires minimal operator time, reducing labor costs.
  • Stability: Our MDQ system operates stably even with continuously changing sludge properties.
  • Reduced Water Consumption: Freshwater consumption decreased significantly due to the use of about 30% filtrate for polymer solution dilution.

ESMIL MDQ Multi-disk Screw Press is the ultimate solution for Biogas Plants seeking efficiency and reliability:

  • High Reliability: Say goodbye to frequent equipment failures and costly repairs.
  • Clean Filtrate: Our system delivers clean filtrate, crucial for further filtrate disposal steps.
  • High Dewatering Performance: Achieve remarkable results with high dry solids content in the cake.
  • Quiet and Vibration-Free: Enjoy a noise-free and vibration-free operation.
  • Ease of Operation: Our systems are designed for hassle-free operation.

Don’t let dewatering challenges hold your operations back. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the ESMIL advantage. Contact us today to explore how our MDQ Multi-disk Screw Press can revolutionize your wastewater management. Efficiency is not a goal; it’s a guarantee with ESMIL.

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