EKOTON Industrial Group and ESMIL Process Systems announce a brand merger. The companies start operating under the common name of ESMIL Group.


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Our Products

Esmil’s product line consists of more than 30 products, which covers around 80% of typical WWTP needs in technological equipment. Today at the USA market are available air diffusion systems for aeration tanks and multi-disc screw presses for sludge dewatering

Our Solutions

We offer effective solutions for wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial enterprises. All our solutions are tested by time, backed by our more than 20 years of professional experience and based on the results of pilot and beta testing.

About us


Ekoton USA Corporation is a part of ESMIL Group.

Wastewater treatment company well known around the world. For more than 25 years we have supplied wastewater treatment plants with modern equipment developed with energy efficient technologies that make our world cleaner.


Our services

Commissioning equipment

We take responsibility for launching the equipment and putting it into operation

Equipment rental

We can help you in meeting short-term demands and unexpected situations


Great opportunity to evaluate the performance of Esmil equipment before making а purchasing decision

Pilot and Test

We make your decision process easy. If you have any questions how our equipment works you can test it at your WWTP

After-sales Services

We offer you the best aftersales service on the market: by the customer’s costs for services, by the rapidness of the services providing

See our references

Here you can see objects realized by Esmil Group all over the world

Our installation

More than 1500 happy customers use our wastewater treatment equipment all over the world in more than 30 countries.

Our news

The latest technologies designed to meet the biggest water treatment challenges

The wastewater treatment process is extremely complex. We at ESMIL strive to meet the technical and financial requirements of each client. Our team has been meticulously applying our expertise in building and servicing wastewater treatment systems for more than 25 years.

Our Products

ESMIL’s product line includes 30+ products, which cover approximately 80% of the typical WWTP technological equipment needs. The North American market currently offers air diffusion systems for aeration tanks and multi-disc screw presses for sludge dewatering.

Our Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We provide an effective technology for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Our proven equipment is backed by years of professional experience and based on rigorous testing results.

About Us

Esmil USA Corporation is a part of ESMIL Group ‒ a well-known wastewater treatment technology manufacturer throughout the world.Esmil’s mission is to make the world a cleaner place through the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and engineered process equipment.

Our Wastewater Treatment Services

Equipment commissioning

Launching the equipment and bringing it into operation is our responsibility. Esmil technical experts will ensure that all systems and components related to the equipment are designed, installed, tested, and are operating according to the design requirements.

Equipment rental

ESMIL systems are available for temporary hire. You can rely on us for all of your wastewater treatment equipment rental needs, from transportation to site, installation, and set up to operator training, dismantle, and collection.


We give our clients the possibility to check the performance of Esmil equipment on their facilities before committing to the purchase. Use try-and-buy service for a short period to ensure that our technology meets your needs.

Pilot and Test

The use of small-scale equipment for testing wastewater treatment services is an excellent method for obtaining preliminary data and analyzing the results before full-scale implementation. You can conduct a test at your WWTP to add comfort to your decision-making process.

Aftermarket Services

We provide the best after-sales service on the market in terms of customer satisfaction, cost, and speed of service provision. The quality of ESMIL products and the ongoing performance of our equipment are continually maintained by our support teams.

See our references

Here you will find various examples of Esmil Industrial Group’s work throughout the world.

Our Water Technology Equipment

The Esmil-USA brand provides over 35 wastewater cleanup solutions, including mechanical treatment, biological treatment, and sludge dewatering. As a leading wastewater treatment company in the USA, we have more than 1500 happy customers using our solutions throughout the world in more than 30 countries.

The Multi-Disc Screw Press Dehydrators are equipped with self-cleaning operations and a wide range of handling capacities. This machine is available in 14 compact and energy-saving models. Our dehydrators can effectively process low concentrations of sludge, and high levels of oil and fat found in the food processing industry.

The ESMIL Tube Air Diffusers are designed for use in aeration tanks for both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. The aerators produce a highly efficient oxygen mix, demonstrating excellent performance and outcomes.

Additionally, we offer Sludge Scrapers, Sewage Screens, Slide Gates, Weirs, and other wastewater treatment equipment. ESMIL has the technology and experience to meet your needs.

Partner with ESMIL Group for turnkey water treatment facilities. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or looking for assistance.

Technologies and Equipment for Wastewater Treatment

Esmil Group is a leading global manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment and a provider of advanced water treatment and “Zero Waste” solutions for various industries.




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