BioCEPT Treatment for Wet Weather Flows at Akron’s Water Reclamation Facility

The City of Akron Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) is designed to treat peak flows up to 220 MGD through primary and secondary treatment systems. The purpose of Akron’s Biologically Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (BioCept) project is to construct flow equalization and biological high-rate wet weather treatment for flows above 220 MGD and up to design peak flow of 280 MGD. It will provide biological treatment for additional biological oxygen demand (BOD) removal upstream of chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT).

The BioCEPT system is intended to provide storage of approximately 10 MG. If wet weather flows exceed the storage capacity, overflows from the BioCEPT system will combine the WRF Secondary Effluent before disinfection treatment through the WRF disinfection system. Overflow from the BioCEPT system must meet requirements for BOD and Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and the combined BioCEPT overflow and WRF secondary effluent must meet the Consent Decree requirements for E. Coli during the recreation season.

The BioCEPT Facility has been designed and the Project is in the Construction Phase through 2021.

Esmil Corp. is proud to announce its involvement with the City of Akron, Ohio and Great Lakes Construction on this Project for the manufacturing and supply of Tipping Buckets for this Project as well as the Hazel Street Project which are currently being installed as of publication of this newsletter. Tipping Buckets supplied by Esmil Corp. will be part of Tank Cleaning Systems which are crucial for the long-term viability of the overall Project.  More importantly, these Tipping Buckets were fabricated and manufactured solely in the United States in Akron, Ohio.

Tipping Bucket Number One

Post Sandblasting

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