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Practical and efficient equipment for dehydration of wastewater sludge from industrial, agricultural and food enterprises

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Disk Press JD

JD Disc Press
JD Disc Press
JD Disc Press
JD Disc Press
JD Disc Press
JD Disc Press

Practical and efficient equipment for dehydration of wastewater sludge from industrial, agricultural and food enterprises. The JD Disc Press (Dehydrator) dewaters sludge with coarse and fibrous inclusions that can not be processed using traditional types of dewatering equipment. It minimizes operating costs for sludge dewatering.

  • With Disc Press JD, dewatering organic sludge is no longer an expensive and complicated process. This multi-disk sludge dehydrator does it all — it processes DAF froth and sludge that contains oily, coarse, and even fibrous components. Efficient in handling high levels of wastewater, the Disc Press JD is ideal for small to medium treatment plants.

    Esmil’s JD Disk Presses are greatly sought after in municipal and industrial areas in different countries. Due to the constant generation of wastewater by both individuals and corporations, the demand for efficient wastewater solutions has grown. The Disc Press JD, which is easy to set up and operate, can treat wastewater sludge generated from:

    • Food and Beverage industry
    • Animal-breeding industry;
    • Textile and Leather industry;
    • Pulp-and-paper and Lumber industry;
    • Oil&Gas industry.

    What equipment to use: JD Disc Press or MDQ Multi-Disc Screw Dehydrator?

    Dewatered sludges with a high mineral content (less than 60% organic content in dry matter) and sediments containing relatively large inclusions (straw, fibers, animal fragments, etc) will be better processed by JD Disc Press.

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  • Benefits of JD Disc Press

    Sludge digestion can take a toll on standard dewatering equipment, hampering effective sludge treatment of wastewater. That’s not the case for the Disc Press JD. Not only can its filtering rollers compress high volumes of sludge, but they’re also self-cleaning, which prevents clogging problems. Discs on rollers are replaced as they wear out (typically, after five to seven years). Manufacturers’ representatives do not need to be involved in the replacement procedure.

    That’s not all the advantages that the equipment has to offer. Here’s more:

    • Costs little to operate.
    • Easily accessible components, including electric drives.
    • It doesn’t splatter sludge or emits a foul odor.
    • It’s designed to avoid clogging, and only a small amount of water is needed to periodically flush caked sludge on the filter collection tray.
    • A small footprint allows it to be placed in compact areas, while a closed design prevents odors from spreading.
    • Its rollers have a low rotational speed and emit little noise and minimal vibration.
    • Its self-cleaning rollers are cost-effective, as there is no need to turn off the equipment to clean the filtering rollers.
    • Plant personnel doesn’t need special training to operate and maintain the equipment.
  • Important Product Features

    Disc Press JD comes in different models, and every one of them has stood the test of time with long service lives. This is thanks to their high-quality features, such as:

    • AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel body.
    • Built-in sludge conditioning systems.
    • Compression and gravity filtration dehydration systems.
    • Epoxy-based, wear-resistant plastic, stainless steel disk material.
    • Extra strong stainless steel shafts for mounting discs.
    • Special agents used for stainless treatment prevent corrosion by volume etching and passivation.

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