EKOTON Industrial Group and ESMIL Process Systems announce a brand merger.

EKOTON Industrial Group and ESMIL Process Systems announce a brand merger. The companies start operating under the common name of ESMIL Group.

The concept of the ESMIL Group is a synthesis of the production potential of the Ukrainian-Polish-American company and the in-depth knowledge, experience and competence of British engineering in the field of membrane filtration.

The name ESMIL has a 70-year history in the water/wastewater field. Under this brand, the first steps were taken in the treatment of industrial wastewater, and a global ecological infrastructure was created. ESMIL specialists have developed a number of devices and technologies that are used to solve complex problems in wastewater management: filters, flotators, sedimentation systems and many others. For 30 years, ESMIL has specialized in creating non-standard solutions using membrane technology, incl. reverse osmosis, for which it was awarded by the Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as the creator of the best technology in the field of environmental protection.

From its part, EKOTON has advanced methods of manufacturing technological devices for various wastewater treatment processes and sludge treatment. The company’s production plants operate in a full cycle of mechanical engineering with implemented robotization technologies, certified process standards and quality control. The company produces thousands of devices annually for hundreds of wastewater treatment projects around the world.

esmil group brand merge

The formal merger of the companies under the control of one owner took place in 2020, and today we are taking the next step – combining our brands. The synergy of power and production dynamics, combined with our knowledge and vast experience in the water/wastewater industry, enables the effective implementation of the most demanding tasks.

The companies begin to operate under the common name of the ESMIL Group in two business areas:

  • ESMIL Equipment: production of technological equipment for wastewater treatment and sludge treatment;
  • ESMIL Process Systems: Solution development and production of wastewater treatment systems using membrane technology.

Founder and owner of the company Petro Trunov:
“Today, we combine our experience, ideas, resources to create the best products, the best solutions for the wastewater industry, to meet the challenges of sustainable development of our society. Modern production technologies and data processing make these solutions efficient and economical. ESMIL once again sets an example and raises industry standards”.

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